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A vehicle wrap is the process of applying a vinyl film to your vehicle. This process changes the look of your vehicle without need for a complicated and expensive paint job.
Vinyl wrapping offers many options from gloss to matte to even textured wraps. We can help you choose the right look for your car, with a choice of colours, films, textures and finishes.
We test every job to make sure it meets our high standards, but we’ll also walk you through the options before we start.

The Benefits of a Wrap


If you wrap your vehicle with a high quality vinyl car wrap, the removal process is very simple. All you need is some heat, experience and a lot of patience.


Vehicle wraps are an incredibly cost-effective way to change the colour and style of your car. A full wrap costs a fraction of a high quality paint job.


Vinyl does not only offer amazing finishes, it also offers the benefits of paint protection from the elements.


There are 100’s if not 1000’s of colours to choose, from super gloss to chrome.


Wrapping only takes a few days to complete as opposed the many weeks a paint job would take to complete.

We only use the best materials in the industry, so you can relax knowing that your project will be done right and will last.

Our Process


Vehicle is carefully cleaned from top to bottom to remove any initial dirt and road grime

Strip Down

We remove trims, handles, mirrors and other necessary parts to ensure the car is fully wrapped safely

Deep Clean

An initial wash is not enough, we then clean all surfaces with special solutions to remove any stubborn oils and tar, to ensure perfect adhesion between the paint and wrap


Your chosen wrap is then installed panel by panel to make sure the wrap is tucked around each edge, fully covering the original paint work

Fit Up and Inspection

We then refit any parts that were previously stripped and check all panels as part of our quality control


Its now time for you to enjoy your cars new appearance. We provide you with the aftercare and warranty details upon collection.

Colour Change

Depending on how you want to finish off the exterior of your vehicle, you can choose from either a full colour change or an exterior wrap.

Exterior Wrap

An exterior wrap only covers the exterior panels of the car meaning that the original paintwork will still be visible when you open the doors of the car. If you’re looking to change the colour of your vehicle or you want to protect the original paint from scratches, then an exterior wrap is a great option. Using an exterior wrap on your vehicle can give it an instant makeover or give it a subtle sheen, especially if you’re going for a sleek, modern look. If you’re considering a wrap for your car, it’s important to consider what colour your car is. Exterior coverage is best suited for dark coloured cars or vehicles being wrapped in a similar colour.

Full Colour Change

You can further enhance the look of your car with an extended wrap. This option covers the entire body of the car including the inside of the doors so that when the doors are open, none of the vehicles original colour is visible. This option requires specialised skills to dismantle any car safely and properly without damaging the paint. This option is the higher end of the vehicle wrap scale and requires the utmost attention to detail.

Partial Wraps

Wrapping offers many possibilities which aren’t limited to colour changes. Vinyl wraps give you the advantage of creating a special and unique appearance for your vehicle with many options such as roof/bonnet wraps, wing mirror wraps, stripe details, interior wrapping and other parts. These options offer a quick way to change the style of your vehicle at a reasonable price. The only limitation is your imagination!

Dechrome/ Blackout

Dechroming is one of the leading packages we offer, which is a great way of achieving a completely clean and modern look for your vehicle. This is an affordable service which is must for any car owner. The process of wrapping the dated chrome trims which gives you an option of changing the chrome trims to a gloss, satin or matte alternative that will create a much more sporty and expensive look and feel.

Commercial Graphics/ Wraps

A great way to market your business is through a commercial graphic/wrap. Regardless of your budget, we can help you get the look you want. We make sure to deliver top quality design that meets your expectations. There’s no better way to build brand awareness than to have your business featured on a wrap. Commercial vehicles offer 24/7 visibility and are everywhere. They’re an ideal way to promote your business. They have the power to give your brand instant visibility, recognition and brand awareness; a first impression that sticks like no other.

Cut Lettering

Full/ Partial Wraps

Printed Graphics

Fleet Branding

Unlimited Possibilities

Upgrading your cars appearance with Vinyl Wrap, is a great way to make your car stand out. With unlimited possibilities, from full printed graphics, partial wraps to crazy chrome colours, we have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to ensure a perfect finish.


Get the factory painted look for far less money than respray. Gloss wraps are the perfect option for refinishing your vehicle and giving it a fresh, factory-fresh look. It is the perfect alternative to an expensive respray. This wrap finish is available in almost every colour so you will find one that truly speaks to your style and confidence. This variety of colours and metallic flakes make the gloss wrap a perfect exterior option.


Matte finishing is currently one of the hottest trends in the automotive world. Limited edition matte paints can be prohibitively expensive from factory, but with a matte wrap, you can still achieve the same look at a fraction of the cost. It's available in a whole host of colours, making it a top choice for those looking to stand out from the crowd. Matt wraps hide flaws and damage well. They also help accentuate body lines and give the car’s body a more elegant feel compared to gloss. The downside to matte is that it is harder to clean than gloss colours.


Satin wraps are another option which have become very popular in recent years. Satin has less sheen than gloss but more sheen than matte, making it a perfect choice for someone looking for a silky finish. You don’t see clear reflections in the surface, but you will see more light reflected than a matte wrap.

Carbon Fibre

This unique finish resembles the look of real carbon fibre and is popular among car enthusiasts. It is often used to wrap accents such as mirrors, spoilers, roofs and bonnets. This creates a unique look without breaking the bank. We offer 2 types of carbon - a dry carbon which is textured and gives more of a matte finish or a gloss carbon which is our more popular option as it looks more like real lacquered carbon.

Brushed Metal

Brushed metal wraps resemble the look and feel of many different types of metal, from steel and bronze to metal and aluminium. The reflective effect gives a bit of extra class to your car and can be used for accent pieces or full wrap applications. Unique light reflection gives your vehicle an expensive look. The brushed range only offers a limited variety of colours.

Colour Flip

Colour-flip wraps are a great way to make your car stand out. The colours vary depending on the light, position, and angle of your view. There are options from blue to purple, red to gold and even iridescent shades of pearl. These finishes can be paired with gloss or satin finishes depending on what you prefer.


These are wraps that reflect the way the consumer likes to be seen. They are 100% reflective and look like a mirror. They come available in different colours which make them even more extravagant. Make sure you know who to trust in terms of quality and experience when considering a chrome wrap for your vehicle, as the installer can make or break a chrome wrap. PPF and/or ceramic coating are highly recommended to preserve its mirror like finish.

The Cost of a Wrap

Price varies by the vehicle, the type of wrap, its condition and trim and also the time it can take to install. The current colour of your vehicle can also affect the price, as its harder to hide red than it is to hide black. For example a small car that needs a chrome wrap can easily be double the price of the same vehicle that only needs a basic colour like matte black. To give you an idea of cost, for a full exterior wrap on a medium sized car, in a standard finish would start from approximately £1400 depending on the vinyl chosen and coverage. An exterior colour change for a Range Rover would start from approximately £1700 for a full exterior wrap.

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